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Pruning & Cabling


Tree pruning is undertaken for several reasons. Our objectives dictate which type of pruning should be performed. The most common reasons to prune trees in Hartford and the surrounding area are:

  • to reduce risk of failure,
  • provide clearance for buildings, utility lines, etc,
  • reduce shade and wind resistance,
  • maintain health,
  • and to improve aesthetics. 

These objectives are met by incorporating the correct style of pruning. The most common styles of pruning include:

  • Structural Pruning – Structural pruning involves the removal or reduction of co–dominant stems in order to develop a stronger, more sustainable trunk and branching pattern. This style of pruning is most effective in training younger trees (5yrs–35yrs), but is also helpful in large mature trees.
  • Crown Cleaning – Crown cleaning is the selective removal of dead, diseased, broken, crossing/rubbing, and closely competing limbs. This helps to remove obvious hazards from a tree as well as helping to impede the movement of decay, insects, and diseases, throughout the tree.
  • Crown Reduction – This type of pruning is similar to structural pruning in that longevity is reduced from limbs in order to limit the trees overall volume. This in turn reduces weight, and more importantly the forces that wind, snow and ice loads can exert on the tree. The amount that should be removed depends also on the species, age, and health of the tree. This style is also commonly used to maintain the size and aesthetics of Ornamental trees and shrubs.
  • Cabling – Cabling can be very effective when structural pruning alone is not enough to assure competent tree structure. Trees with two or more co–dominant stems and trees with otherwise weak branch attachments are the most frequent candidates. Cables help to minimize the risk of limb and tree failure when used appropriately. Cabling relies heavily on counterweight of stems, and changes the dynamic of a tree. Careful consideration should be exercised before the installation of cables.

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